Our Story: How we Created the Solwrap

solwearMD's cofounders

Who We Are

We are board certified dermatologists and busy working moms with just(!) 4 kids each and over a decade of dermatology practice treating patients!

We both graduated valedictorian of all-girl high schools in the New Orleans area, finished 4 years of undergraduate in the SEC, graduating Summa Cum Laude, spent 4 grueling years of LSU medical school together followed by 4 years of intense LSU dermatology residency.

Why solwearMD?

We founded solwearMD because we were tired of the nonfunctional, impractical options available for women to cover up from the sun's skin-cancer causing and aging rays.

While celebrating one of our landmark birthdays, we discussed the lack of real cover ups that did just that- cover you up!

So being the problem-solution based thinkers that we are, we decided that we needed to create a wrap cover up that offered effective sun protection and fulfilled all of the criteria that the current ones on the market were lacking:

  • be functional and easy to use
  • be UPF rated
  • cover the often-neglected areas of the neck, shoulders, and arms
  • be Fashionable
  • be comfortable and breathable
  • be adaptable to our outdoor activities

The solwrap is all of this and more!

We refuse to let the sun age us with brown spots or cause us to get skin cancers, so here is our solution! After just 2 1/2 short years of product design and development with an amazing team, we have brought to market a versatile item that provides chemical free sun protection in all of the right places.

Every woman needs a solwearMD wrap! We have ours :)

We are #solsisters and we hope you join us in making covering up the thing to do, no matter your age. It's time.

Lisa Pruett, MD - Julie Danna, MD

Lisa and Julie are members of The American Board of Dermatology, Women's' Dermatologic Society, and the American Academy of Dermatology