The #solsister™ movement is a campaign designed to build a community of women who care about the health of their skin, the body's largest organ. These women encourage each other, support each other, and spread the word in voice and action that protecting their skin from ultraviolet radiation is worth the short and long term investment. A solsister is a woman who has wisely chosen, no matter her age, that now is the time to fight the sun's damaging rays with a solwearMD wrap. This is a proactive step forward in the overall healthy lifestyle sought after by a solwearMD solsister. A solsister is not willing to give up all of the beauty and activity the outdoors have to offer. She just chooses to do so while feeling confident, fashionable, and protected in a solwearMD wrap. Moreover, she encourages her mom, daughters, sisters, aunts, friends, nieces, grandmother, bridesmaids, and even those women she meets in passing to join the campaign and be a #solsister. As the founders of solwearMD, our time has come. We are official solsisters, and we invite you to join the sisterhood! 

1. Purchase a solwearMD wrap

2. Wear a solwearMD wrap
3. Post in a solwearMD wrap

Be a solsister!